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Feb 7

about b00ga

b00ga, aka Shawn K. O’Shea, is a computer geek living just outside Nashua, New Hampshire. After spending most of his life in Connecticut, he got to be friends with a bunch of folks in Massachussetts and New Hampshire and fell in love with the Boston Metro area, moving north in 2004.

In addition to computers, his interests lie in science fiction, anime, video games, and role-playing games. Being a staff member for Anime Boston and the website AnimeOnDVD.com keeps him pretty busy. So does being a season ticket holder for the UMass Lowell Riverhawks.

about eth0.net

I registered eth0.net in 1997, when living in Memphis, TN. I wanted to start messing around with hosting my own DNS and e-mail, and start having an e-mail address that would never have to change again (much to my chagrin today with the 2,000 or so spams I receive each month).

eth0 for the curious, is the name assigned to the first Ethernet network interface on a Linux system.

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