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I’ve arrived a little late to tonight’s meeting so apologies for any omissions…

The success of Software Freedom Day activities by PySIG members has led to open source “Tech Talks” at the Lawrence Library in Pepperell, MA.

Mark has been wanting to continue using a piece of orphaned DOS/Windows software and some handy Windows tools came up. Process Monitor and Revo Uninstaller. The Windows kernel debugger SoftICE was mentioned. Also TeaTimer, a process monitor that is part of Spybot Search & Destroy was mentioned. It appears that the software, allCLEAR, may still exist.

Bill writes his Python in the free source code editor, SciTE. He had some gotchas about debugging in this environment, and mentioned the usefulness of ‘python -i’. The python debugger, pdb, got a few CPU cycles during the discussion.

Kent’s Korner, urllib2 Cookbook

Main presentation. Arc Riley on PySoy, a 3D game engine.

Arc also mentioned the serach for students to work on Python projects for Google Summer of Code. I’ll refer you to his recent post on the Python-talk mailing list.

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