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So if a podcast isn’t listed in the iTunes music store, it really didn’t jump out at me how you added one to iTunes. After a little poking around, it turns out to be very easy. From the Advanced menu, choose Subscribe to Podcast, and in the popup, enter the URL http://eth0.net/podcast. Click OK and off it goes.


So I’ve been thinking about doing a podcast for awhile now, and I sat down and did my first. Frank says I listen to the radio too much, and he’s probably right. I mostly listen to what is deemed these days as an alternative rock radio station. This podcast is kind of my flavor of the kind of music that I like that you would here over there. The goal is to do two a month, 30-35 minutes, which will fit about 7 songs. Currently I’m doing it at 128-kbit MP3, which might be too much, since it makes the files ~30 Meg. We’ll see, maybe I’ll start dumping it later at lower quality.

Anyway, the first edition, for Early February 2006 features: Weezer – “Perfect Situation”, The All-American Rejects – “Move Along”, She Wants Revenge – “Tear You Apart”, The Killers – “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine”, Death Cab for Cutie – “Crooked Teeth”, Matisyahu – “King Without a Crown”, and Morningwood – “Nth Degree”.

Please give it a whirl and let me know what you think.

You can direct download the MP3 from here:
Musically Infectious – 1st Dosage

or use this URL to subscribe to this podcast: http://eth0.net/podcast/